value added analysis.

The High Mileage Vehicle is a study all its own and despite any wishes to the contrary, we can probably figure one to be in each our futures.


What will it look like?† What will the technology amount to?† What will it cost?† Who will drive these things and to where?


While Vanalysis, Inc. cannot answer questions of an uncertain future better than anyone else, we CAN provide a technical and principled outlook on your HMV project.


Calling on a vast experience of available assets in Engineering, Legal, and Regulatory expertise, Vanalysis is actively pursuing both the design and fabrication and High Mileage Vehicle technologies for a diverse array of customers, foreign and domestic.

The technology can be simple.† We like simple.† Simple costs less.† Parts you donít build are cheap, right?

HMV Hybridization

Sometimes the technology is required to be more complex.† That doesnít scare us at all.† We understand the requirements and the solutions.

There was a time when a High Mileage Vehicle had a distinctive look and faced a particular set of limitations.† In this case, 1982.† But since that time, other technologies, namely Hybridization, have successfully emerged.

The vehicle of tomorrow will capitalize on both Off-The-Shelf technologies (shown) and innovative proprietary technologies pioneered by Vanalysis.† This combination will assist us all in our quest to squeeze every mile from our fuel products.