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Aquaponic Hydromanagement

Predictably, enabling the choice of  Aquaculture today requires great quantities of water.  Most commonly, people that raise fish do so near large bodies of water, even the ocean.  But hungry people live everywhere as does the market.


Water, like every resource, is becoming scarce and increasingly regulated.  The techniques of managing this precious resource, pioneered and implemented by Vanalysis, allow water based  Aquaponics operations where there was once no possibility.


By incorporating the hardware and algorithms available through Vanalysis, even in arid climes, a useful and sustainable food source can be created.


In simplest terms,  Hydroponics is growing plants without dirt.  It can be floating beds or sprayed beds or any of several ways to introduce nutrients to the roots of the plants.  Most usually indoors.


Likewise, Aquaculture is simply a generic term for Fish Farming.   Instead of finding and catching fish in the wild, they are intentionally grown.


Aquaponics combines the two.  The effluent of the fish, being nutrient-rich, are flooded into plant beds.  Some of the plants are used to feed the fish in a looped ecosystem.


Vanalysis has secured technologies to allow the portability of the concept by incorporation of dynamic resource management tools.

Because Aquaponics occurs chiefly within and around greenhouses, a fully viable harvest can take place despite local climate.


Because the equipment is inexpensive and the harvest is diverse and plentiful, Aquaponics, when properly managed, can provide food sources in many places otherwise not possible.

Growing plants and fish requires the management of water.  Vanalysis introduces the management tools of Hydromanagement.  Aquaponic Hydromanagement.

If the choice of establishing an automated Aquaponics system is limited today by your planned water use and availability, give us a call.  Vanalysis Aquaponic Hydromanagement can help.