value added analysis.

When we strip away all the fat and stow all the window dressing, the realities of the day point to one goal only:  Certification.


Clever designs are  impressive.  Holding the  line on a sporty budget is wonderful.  Bringing it in before deadline is cause for celebration. 


But until the forms are signed, nothing has actually been finalized.  Vanalysis, value-added-analysis always has that goal in mind.


Bringing in the Certificate is what Vanalysis is on the scene for.   Whether a full Supplementary Type Certificate for your fleet modification or a simple 8110-3 for your specific and special effort, the job is done when the paperwork is complete.


Complying to the labyrinthine requirements can distract even the most stoic team of Professionals and their Managers.  


We’ve been there.  We’ll be glad to guide you through.

Perhaps in your product expertise, the requirement for a full STC is excessive.  We can prepare the necessary evidence and analysis and secure for you the needed Form 8110-3.

Simply need of a form 8110-3?

Whether FAR Part 23; or Part 25; or Part 41; Whether a few mods or whole new wing and powerplant; new control systems or a luxury interior; The effort is larger than usually anticipated.  Yes, we understand this work and are no stranger to the required Certification effort.


FAA Compliance and Certification