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Catastrophic Mitigation

And Survival Sciences

Dr. Alan Steddum is a recognized expert in the field of Survival Sciences.


As a long time attorney and government contractor, Alan has devoted his subsequent years to writing and consulting in the field widely known today as “Preparation” on the individual level and as Emergency Response on the Civil Service level.


Alan has provided knowledge and analysis for both.


After finishing his Doctoral Thesis “Individual and Municipal Restorative Challenges in Post-Event Preliminary Conditions Without Rule of Law (WROL)” Alan has decided to join with Vanalysis and use it as a platform to launch not one, but two new books on the subject.  We look forward to the upcoming announcements from his publisher.


According to Dr. Alan:


“A great many people have decided a relatively few and almost entertaining measures will prolong their survival in a catastrophic situation.  While a very few measures have proven useful, most have not and never can.”

According to Dr. Alan:


“Cities spend most of their time and resources simply keeping abreast of their own assets and commerce.   When disaster strikes, the inherently insecure bureaucrat will, with undeviating consistency, exhibit a characteristic ironically common with machismo:  Failure to ask for directions.  The solution is in the Planning.”

According to Dr. Alan:


“Nature is unpredictable.  But it’s no where near as unpredictable as Man’s response to it.”

According to Dr. Alan:


“Without huge budgets, and modern security forces, the survival bunker defaults to Schrödinger Physics wherein we quickly learn that  despite best intentions, it is a shelter and a mausoleum simultaneously.”